Commonly Asked Questions

Is there a minimum age to reside in the Park?

Yes, we are 55 and older Mobile Home Park

What is the process for becoming a resident of the Park?

You would need to submit an Application/Background Check (form available on the Forms Page) along with a check or money order for $50. Once your Background Check information is returned to us, the Board reviews the report and makes a determination.

Can I move an RV onto an open RV lot permanently?

Yes, with Board approval and provided the RV or Trailer is not more than 10 years old. Again, you would need to submit an Application/Background Check and a check or money order for $50 and receive approval for residency from the Board. The RV would then need to be tied down and skirted in, which also needs approval from the Board. Keep in mind that the RV Section of the Park is under a 9 month residency rule.

What are the Park rules on pets?

The Park’s rule on pets is no more than two pets per unit; each pet weighing no more than 25 pounds. Pets are also required by Park Rules and County Ordinances to be on a leash when outside, no more than 5 feet in length. Please register your pet with the Park office.

What’s a Co-Operative?

A Co-Operative, or Co-Op, is the collective residents who have purchased a “share” and are considered part owner of the property as a whole. Co-Op’s administrate the business of the Park through a Board of Directors and with the assistance of a Community Association Manager.

How do I invest in the community?

You invest in the community through the purchase of a “share.” Periodically the Board of Directors will open the sale of “shares” to those who currently do not have a share but desire to have one. This investment improves the value of the property as a whole and goes into the Park’s Reserve Funds for future improvements of the Park.

How do I obtain a “Share?”

Either through the purchase of a Mobile Home that has an existing share, moving a new park model onto an existing empty lot,  or when the Board of Director’s opens the sale of “shares” to those who currently do not have one. 

What if I don’t want to purchase the “share”
associated to the home?

That is entirely up to you. There are many benefits to purchasing the “share” however, it is not required. Please keep in mind that if you choose not to purchase the “share” at this time, you may change your mind at a later date however, you will be placed on a first come, first served “share” purchase waiting list and the wait could be quite lengthy.

Do you have any homes for sale or rent?

We are a Resident Owned Park. Any homes for sale or rent are offered as such by the owner of home. Sometimes the HOA may purchase a new park model to fill a vacant lot or take possession of a home that they then resale. 

How long does it take for the Application/Background Check to be reviewed?

It depends on the time of year but, generally it takes 3 – 7 days, depending upon when you file your Application/Background Check.

Can I move a Mobile Home onto an empty Mobile Home lot?

Yes, with Board approval and provided the Mobile Home is not more than 10 years old. Again, you would need to submit an Application/Background Check and a check or money order for $50 and receive approval for residency from the Board. You will also be responsible to obtain a proper building permit, paying any impact fees, transportation and set up fees, building permit fees, and any other associated fees.

What is a “Share?”

A “Share” is the term commonly used for describing an individual’s ownership and control of a certain lot in the community as well as all common areas and any other assets owned by the Co-Operative. Owning a “share” also gives you a voice in the administration of the Park.

Who owns the community?

The residents who have invested in the Park through the purchase of a “share” are the owners of the community. The Park is considered a Not-For-Profit Co-Operative. Country Aire Estates Home Owner’s Association administrates the property and assets of Country Aire Estates Mobile Home Park

Is the “Share” merely an investment in the Park?

No. The ownership of a “share” also affords you a voice in the administration of the Park. During the winter months, the Board holds monthly Shareholders meetings to keep the shareholders advised of the financial condition of the Park as well as other pertinent information related to the administration of the Park.

The Park holds an Annual Meeting every February where, among other Park business, three of the nine members of the Board of Directors are elected by secret ballot by the Shareholders. Each “share” has one vote regardless of the number of names associated to the “share.”

How much is the “Share?”

It depends on who is selling the share, the owner or the Park. Either way, the price is set by the owner of the “share.” The Board of Directors sets the price for “shares” sold by the Park and will advise you of the cost when “share” sales are open and available.

What if I sell my Mobile Home but want to retain
possession of the “share?”

That is also prohibited. The “share” is directly associated to the Mobile Home that you purchased and must transfer to the new owner of the Mobile Home or back to the Park.

What if I own a “share” and desire to sell the “share” only to someone else?

That is prohibited. The “share” is directly associated to the Mobile Home that you purchased and only transferrable to a new owner of the Mobile Home or back to the Park.

What is the process for selling my Mobile Home?

The sale of the mobile home is negotiated between the seller and the buyer. The prospective buyer must complete a background & credit check and receive board approval to live in the park prior to the sale being finalized. New owners must provide proof of ownership and complete a lease agreement with the HOA before moving into the park. If you are selling a home with a share, you will need to contact the HOA office for instructions on selling your share. Share sales must be handled by the HOA lawyers. 

How do I file a complaint?

To file a complaint against an individual, the Park itself, or the Management Company,  simply download the Complaint/Suggestion form from the Forms Page, fill it out as completely as possible, and turn it in to the HOA office. The Board will review your complaint and take any action they deem appropriate in correcting the issue of the complaint.

Will I hear back from the Board once I file my complaint?

Usually the Board will notify you of the findings of their investigation and their determination or actions taken.

Who can run for the Board or serve on Committee’s?

Shareholders only are eligible to be considered to serve on the Board of Director or any Committee.

What happens to the “share” if I become ill, incapacitated, or die?

Usually, the relatives or friend will place the Mobile Home and “share” up for sale. At that point, it is up the buyer to determine if they would like the “share” included in the purchase or not. Should the buyer choose not to purchase the “share”, the Park will purchase the “share” back.

How would I make my intentions to run for the Board known?

In November, if you are a Shareholder, you will receive a notice of Annual Meeting. Included in the Notice of Annual Meeting information will be a Notice of Intent to be a Candidate for the Board form along with a Board Candidate Information Sheet. You would fill each form out and return them to the office to be included in the Second Notice of Annual Meeting that will be sent out in January.


Can I prepay my lot rent?

Absolutely, you may prepay your lot rent for any length of time you desire. You must keep track of when your payments are due to avoid any late charges.

How much is the lot rent?

The lot rental amounts vary based on location in the Park and size of the Mobile Home. Please contact the HOA office for more information.

How often does the lot rent increase?

That is determined by the Board of Directors at their yearly budget meeting. Should they approve an increase in the lot rent, you will be notified no less than ninety (90) days prior to the increase.

What does the lot rent and/or maintenance fee include?

The lot rent and/or maintenance fee, regardless of the section of the Park, includes water, sewer, and trash/recycling pick up.

Electric is only included in our RV lots that are rented by the day or week. 

Will my lot rent decrease if I purchase a “share?”

Yes. You will switch from lot rent to maintenance fee, which offers a substantial monthly savings. For more information, please contact our Park Office.

What options are there to pay lot rent/maintenance fees?

ACH  (Electronic Auto-Pay)

Complete an ACH Debit Form to enroll into auto payment directly from your bank. You can cancel this option at any time with written notice to the CAE office. This option will automatically deduct your payment monthly until a written request to stop your service is received.


Pay On-Line

Use our secured website to make an online payment. There are no additional fees for paying on-line when using your bank account. You can choose to make a one-time payment, or set it up to make reoccurring payments through this method.


Mail in payment using a Coupon Book

Coupon Books will be mailed to you upon request from the office.

Checks are to be made out to: Country Aire Estates HOA

Payments are to be mailed to:       

Country Aire Estates Homeowners Association, Inc.

PO Box 22443

 Tampa, FL 33622

*Please note, payments sent to the address above must include the coupon to avoid your payment being mailed back to you and late fees being applied to your account. Payments cannot be mailed to the CAE office in Dade City. Payments received at the Dade City Office may result in late fees.

Payment are due on the 1st of the month. Any payment received after the 5th of the month is considered late and a late fee will be applied to your account. If you choose to mail in your payments, please mail them at least 5 days before the due date to ensure the payment is received and processed on time. 

For Additional Information

For any additional questions not addressed here or other places on our website, or for clarification of answers, please contact the HOA Office at (352) 567-3630, or by email at