About Us

An Active Retirement Community That Feels Like Family

In 1996, a number of residents banded together, pooling their respective resources and purchased Country Aire Estates Mobile Home Park, making the Park a Resident-Owned Co-Operative, governed by the Home Owner’s Association or Board of Directors. The purpose of the purchase was to operate this community on the basis that any and all profits would be returned to the community in the form of improved facilities, improved services and, wherever possible, maintain and reduce costs.

Through the sale of “shares”, a resident makes a financial and personal commitment to Country Aire Estates Home Owner’s Association to work to better the Park for the enjoyment of all residents. Typically our shareholders are those who are willing to invest in our Park for five (5) or more years. A “shareholder” affords the owner one vote in elections and items requiring the 2/3rds vote of the body at a duly called Shareholder Meeting.

A “shareholder” may run for a seat on the Board of Directors, serve on a committee established by the Board of Directors or may be assigned the responsibility for carrying out a task or project at the pleasure of the Board.

Country Aire Estates has a total of 120 Mobile Home sites that qualify as a “share” site. The price for a “share” is set by the Board of Directors, as well as, the timing of when shares are available for purchase. With the purchase of a “share”, the mobile home owner changes from paying lot rent to paying a monthly maintenance fee, usually a substantial savings over lot rent. Because the monthly lot rent, maintenance fees, and seasonal site rent are set by the Board of Directors, the costs may be revised from time to time to compensate for the increase in the cost of living.

Our facilities include a clubhouse – with a billiards room, a library/card room, – shuffleboard courts, swimming pool, fire pit, commercial grill, and a pond available for catch-and-release fishing. Country Aire Estates receives its water and sewer from Country Aire Estates Service Corp, a separate entity from the Home Owner’s Association, and governed by its own Board of Directors. The Service Corp is responsible for, and maintains, two wells, water storage tank, and the sewer plant adjoining a storage lot used by Country Aire Estates.

For more information on Country Aire Estates, please call the HOA office at 352-567-3630 or email us at cae.mhp.hoa@gmail.com